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Bring your home into the 21st century with intelligent technology. Includes advice on incorporating hi-tec aspects such as home networking, distributed audio and TV, lighting control, home automation and added security into your life.

"It's no longer a luxury; it's become vital to the way we live,"


Smart Lighting

Thinking about the way you'd like to live in your home, and perhaps putting together a wish list, is a good place to start. To do this, you could begin by visualising how you hope to use each room.

If you think serious in a smart and secure system, Response electrical contractors is the answer

A smart home, or smart house, is a home that incorporates advanced automation systems to provide the inhabitants with sophisticated monitoring and control over the building's functions. For example a smart home may control lighting, temperature, multi-media, security, window and door operations, as well as many other functions.

Smart Lighting
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Security & Access

Home Intercom Systems
Shop our range of quality home intercom systems, we offer wide range of options for your home Intercom Systems.
CCTV Security Cameras
CCTV Security Cameras enhance your security and safety. We will provide top customer service & technical support for the video surveillance equipment industry
Alarm Systems
At Response Electrical Contractors, we offer Custom home security alarm systems to protect your house and family.Feel free to contact us at anytime.
Gates, Doors & Locks
Need slam lock, security doors, gates & windows in Melbourne? Call Response Electrical. We supply security doors to customers homes across Melbourne

Climate Services

Heating & Cooling
We specialize in every type of heating and cooling system installation, maintenance and repairs in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.
Blinds & Curtain Control
Control window blinds from anywhere in your room with motorized blinds or motorized shades with Smartphone

Control temperature in your home with our Climate Services. We provide advanced smart heating and cooling, seamlessly integrating curtain and blind control. With a centralized controller installed, you have more control over the climate. Our automated system considers turned on lights, open blinds, and the amount of people, automatically adjusting temperatures accordingly.

You can adjust all of these functions with a touch of a single button on your phone, tablet, computer, or the centralized controller. Our climate services not only helps you stay comfortable in your home, but it is good for the environment as well as your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A smart home is a home that intergrates remote controled smart technology with household automation functions.
Home Automation comprises of technologies installed in a smart home that remotely controls and automates household systems. These connected devices can be appliances, lights, security systems, cameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers.
The price of home automation systems depend on your wants, budget and requirements.
It’s all up to you, once you decide on features you desire, we can start creating your solution.



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