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Residential Electrical Services - Melbourne

At Response Electrical, we know how important skill and expertise are when you hire an electrician for your home. We are accredited by Energy Safe Victoria and carry out electrical licences compliant with Australian standards.

As members of the Master Electricians Australia, we adhere to strict regulations and practices. We use only quality products and insist on high professional standards. Our iron-clad money-back guarantee and our attention to detail ensure delighted customers time-after-time.

Residential Electrical Repair and Installation

Our contractors can help you with electrical repairs and troubleshooting in your home for everything from installing LED lighting in a room to setting up your kitchen's major electrical appliances properly.We understand that your time is valuable. Our prompt, "on time every time" response gives you peace of mind when you need installation or repairs on:
Faulty Appliances & Electrical Faults
Faulty Appliances & Electrical Faults
Range Hoods, Ovens & Cool Tops
Range Hoods,
Ovens & Cook Tops
Exhaust & Ceiling Fans
Ceiling &
Exhaust Fans
Garden & Patio Lighting
Garden &
Patio Lighting
Short Circuits
Short Circuits
Power Points & Down Lights
Power Point &
Down Lights
Telephone Cable & Optic Fibre
Telephone &
Fibre Optic Cables
Air Conditioner / Split Systems & Hot Water Services
Air Conditioner / Split Systems & Electrical Hot Water Services

Domestic Electrical Upgrade Services

We understand how important it is to have state-of-the-art lighting and electrical systems in your home. Whether your residential property needs security sensors or automated lighting using a phone or tablet, we provide prompt and experienced service. Our skilled contractors are experts at:
Upgrade Install New Switchboards
Upgrading or Installing New Switchboards
Safety Switch
Alarms & Access
Security Sensor Lighting
CCTV Cameras
Intercom Systems
Intercom Systems
C-bus & Home Automation
C-bus & Home Automation Systems
Control 4
Home Automation Systems
Entertainment & Media
& Media
Heating & Cooling Comfort
Cooling & Heating
As a member of the Master Electricians Australia, we adhere strictly to all the regulations and practices. Our highly skilled electricians carry out safe and efficient installation of all electrical projects.

Renovations & Rewiring for Residential Properties

Someday your home may need extensive electrical work, whether it's replacing outdated wiring or wiring a new addition. Maybe you are building a new home. Electricians must have the most up-to-date wiring and renovation knowledge. We can provide reliable, full building rewiring, installation and renovations on your home, including:
Full Rewiring of Existing Home
New Home
Electrical Plans & Installation
General Power & Lighting
Home Automation
Home Automation Installation
Yes, we're 100% Certified.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond immediately to emergency situations, such as the loss of network connection. If required, we can provide regional back-up teams, and on customer request can arrange to have our maintenance teams embedded within our client's facility.

We comply with all Australian electrical regulatory standards and all products we use are backed by warranty, which ensures our clients and key stakeholders are fully protected at all times.

We provide an iron-clad money back guarantee on the quality of our work and the materials we use.

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